Sven-Erik Rise – An Armenian By His Own Will

Sven-Erik Rise – An Armenian

A friend of Armenia by the name of Sven-Erik Rise presented his book about Armenia in Oslo last Sunday. “His work is a kind of declaration of love for Armenia and its people,” writes the Masis Post with reference to the Armenian Cultural Association of Norway.

Sven-Erik Rise devoted many publications to Armenia in local and international media, paying close attention to the issue of the Armenian Genocide. But his activities are not limited to this – he has also given public lectures about Armenia. Besides, he once gathered Norwegian tourists and brought them to the country which, by his own admission, he is hopelessly in love with. He proudly calls himself an “Armenian of his own free will”, and he dreams of obtaining Armenian citizenship.

“His book is a breathtaking love story for Armenia and its people written in a very personal yet humorous way,” writes Masis Post. Rise’s book is a kind of journey through Armenia, during which he and his Turkish friend explore the country and meet interesting people who tell interesting stories.

The author also touches upon the topic of the Genocide, drawing parallels with the Holocaust, and also discusses the Karabakh conflict. The book is accessible to a wide range of readers since it is a cross between a novel and well-reasoned research. Its preface was written by Rise together with famous late Norwegian journalist Jahn Otto Johansen.

The book has already received numerous positive reviews, including from writer and host Stein Morten Lier.

During the presentation of the book, Stein Morten Lier, the head of the Armenian Cultural Association of Norway Liana Harutyunyan, the representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church Narine Harutyunyan, and the representative of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee Lene Wetteland gave speeches.

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