Athena. A few words on her mythology

Athena was the matron goddess of Athens. This is one of the most famous ancient coins of that legendary city from 450 BC which adopted democracy and shunned tyrants as rulers. Following that milestone in history, the city enjoyed her peak of her power and prosperity during the same period when these coins were minted.

To this day the principles of democracy govern the most prosperous nations on earth. A few words on her mythology. Zeus left his mistress pregnant but had second thoughts, thinking that what if she bore him a son, he would one day potentially overthrow him.

He then swallowed her, but Athena was born anyway from that pregnancy straight through Zeus’ head. She was born fully grown and in full military armour. Up on the Acropolis, Poseidon and Athena vied for control over Athens, and Athena won when she gifted the Greeks the olive tree.

The olive became fundamental to the Athenian economy. The olive is a superfood with a perfect balance of proteins and oils. Every time I eat olives I praise Athena for her wise gift.

The olive twig can be seen on the obverse of this coin, along with the owl, the symbol of wisdom and knowledge which characterized Athena.

In today’s dire times of global tyranny, racism, bigotry and upheaval, as human rights, democracy and livelihood are being curbed, censored and violated in the name of a shady virus, we yearn the return of true wisdom, knowledge and self-determination.

by Joseph Sarkissian

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