About the disappeared enemies of Armenia

Armenia has always stood up to powerful adversaries throughout its history. Despite the strength and numbers of these foes, they have disappeared over time, leaving nothing more than traces of their once mighty empires and mere memories of their people.

Among these adversaries were the Babylonians, located south of Armenia. Their relationship with the Armenians was marked by an oscillation between periods of warfare and trade. The Euphrates River served as the primary trade route, where Armenians used small ships to ferry their goods to and from the Babylonian cities.

A remarkable event in the history of Armenian-Babylonian relations was King Aram of Armenia’s military campaign against the Babylonians. This expedition culminated in victory for the Armenians, leading to the capture of the Babylonian king.

The defeated king was transported to the Armenian city of Van. In a symbolic act of victory and deterrence, King Aram commanded a public execution of the Babylonian king. A large nail was hammered into his forehead, and his lifeless body was exhibited above the city gates.

This chilling spectacle served as a stark warning to all who entered or left Van, reminding them of the grim fate that met the tyrant who had aspired to annihilate the Armenian people. This compelling narrative encapsulates the resilience and courage of the Armenian people in their struggles against their enemies.

Vigen Avetisyan

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