Image of God – Dumuzid

According to cuneiform sources, an image of a God known as Dumuzid was recorded in Sumer. in the 4th century BC.

Older evidence about Dumuzid is known from the Syunik petroglyphs carved in the early Stone Age.

Dumuzid is one of the names Hai = Vahagn, the eldest son of God (Vordi, Vordi Var, Armenak, Maratuk, Marduk, Hal-Di, E (Է), Aramazd, etc.).

The names Haik of Armens, Geghni, Aryans originated from his names.

He was worshiped as God the Creator, God giving birth to the nation-people.

More details at: Comment by: Hamlet Martirosyan Translation by Art-A-Tsolum

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