The Bronze Bowl of Sarduri II, Ruler of the Kingdom of Van

The Bronze Bowl of Sarduri II

The photograph below shows one of four bronze bowls with a wedge-shaped seal which have belonged to King of the Kingdom of Van Sarduri II (ruled 764-735 BC). The bowls depicting the head of a lion, a tower, and the Tree of Life were found in Karmir Blur near Yerevan.

Gevork Nazaryan

Sarduri II was the King of the Kingdom of Van from 764 to 735 BC. The so-called “Chronology of Sarduri” which sheds some light on a 12-year period from his rule has reached our times.

During the first years of his reign, Sarduri continued the large-scale city construction works undertaken by his predecessors. As for military successes, the first campaign of Sarduri was directed against the Melitene Kingdom whose king was forced to obey to Sarduri and pay him tribute.

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