The Fascinating Parallels: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the Armenian Alphabet

While perusing an American archaeological journal, I stumbled upon a captivating study focused on ancient scripts. The paper cited examples from Mesopotamian and Egyptian monographs to illustrate the evolution from pictorial symbols to written letters. What caught my eye, however, was an uncanny resemblance between ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and Armenian letters.

To draw a few parallels: the Egyptian symbol for ‘fish’ resembles the Armenian letter for ‘Dz’ (Ձ- ձուկ), ‘chicken’ or ‘bird’ correlates with ‘H’ (Հ – հավ), and ‘arrow’ or ‘spear’ can be likened to ‘N’ (Ն – նետ, նիզակ). Even the hieroglyph for ‘bottle’ bears similarity to the Armenian ‘Sh’ (Շ – շիշ).

This is not the first time I’ve observed connections possibly rooted in the Hyksos (or Haykian) invasion of Egypt, which seems to have left an indelible impact on Egyptian language and thought. Though I am not an expert in archaeology, and I’ve moved away from linguistics to focus on political work, these observations stir my intuition. It feels as if Armenology stands at the threshold of monumental discoveries.

by Tigran Khzmalyan

Source: Levan Tonaganyan Հայաստան Armenia Армения

It’s a topic that may warrant more scholarly investigation, but for the layperson or enthusiast, these curious correlations raise intriguing questions about cultural intersections and the unexplored intricacies of language evolution. Could this be the starting point for groundbreaking research that further illuminates the rich tapestry of Armenian history and its interactions with ancient civilizations? Only time, and perhaps a renewed focus on Armenology, will tell.

Translated Vigen Avetisyan

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