The Fortress of Arin Berd – Armenia

The Fortress of Arin Berd - ArmeniaFortress Arin Berd – Արին բերդ is a hill on the southeast edge of modern Yerevan, where the remains of the ancient settlement of Erebuni lie.

Here in 1879, locals found a stone with cuneiform writings, which dates at the years of the Kingdom of Van’s existence.

The drawing and approximate translation of the inscription were soon published by archaeologist M. V. Nikolsky.

The inscription read that under King Argishti I, a voluminous granary was built on the site.

However, until 1950, no works have been carried out on the hill. In 1950, a group of archaeologists headed by K.L. Hovhannisyan began excavations, which led to the discovery of the ancient city-fortress Erebuni built by Argishti I in 782 BC.

They found palace rooms with rich wall paintings as well as other residential and storage quarters.

By the end of the 8th century BC, the fortress lost its original significance. It has received its importance again in the 5th century BC.

Fortress of Erebuni

Yerevan (The Capital older than Rome)

Entrance to the palace; On the right – the building inscription of King Argishti
Fortress Arin Berd – a view from above
Part of Erebuni fortress walls on Arin-Berd hill
Erebuni is on the list of the 9 ancient fortresses in the world.

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