The Red Bible – Andranik and Gevorg Chaush Swore On It

The Red Bible

The holy and miraculous book, the Red Bible brought by St. Ter-Karapet from Jerusalem in the 18th century and obtained from the monastery of St. Arakelots (Apostles Monastery) today is in Kharberd (Armenia) and continues to heal thousands of people. To store this holy relic in Kharberd, a new beautiful church of red tuff has been built.

Commanders Andranik and Gevorg Chaush swore on the Red Book, and so recently did the warriors of the Karabakh War.

In 1872, an evening school was founded at the Surb Arakelots Monastery, in which famous fedayi Gevorg Chaush studied in 1886-1888.

Near the monastery, there is a cemetery with beautiful khachkars (cross-stones). According to a legend, the father of Armenian historiography Movses Khorenatsi, Ghazar Parpetsi, philosopher David Anhakht (Invincible), and other great people of our past were buried here. In their honor, the Saint Arakelots Church was also called the Church of Saint Translators (Targmanchats in Armenian).

Even though the Turks turned the Surb Arakelots monastery safeguarding the remains of Armenian saints into ruins, Armenian spirit is measured not with earthly measures and thus continues to live on in Eastern Armenia.

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