The “Vahagn Vishapakagh” monument Vahagn the Dragon Reaper

Vahagn Vishapakagh is one of the beloved gods of ancient Armenian pagan mythology. The monument dedicated to Vahagn is located on the Yerevan-Savan highway, which is the northern entrance to Yerevan.

The divine, powerful, masculine Vahagn enters the battle, beheads, and defeats the three-headed dragon. This scenario is curved on the surface of a tuff stone. Vagan was named “Vahagn the Dragon Reaper” because he fought against the dragons and darkness.

The monument was built in 1962. The author of the sculpture is Ara Harutyunyan, the architect is Rafael Israelyan.

Vahagn Vishapakagh (Vahagn the Dragon Reaper) was a god of fire, thunder, and war worshiped in ancient Armenia. He sometimes formed a “triad” with Aramazd and Anahit during ancient history.
Even after the conversion to Christianity, its worship is still practiced in many parts of Armenia.

Movses Khorenatsi, a prominent Armenian historian from the period of Late Antiquity and the author of the History of Armenia, gives a clue to his nature and origin in his work describing the birth of Vahagn.

Agatangegos In his “History of Armenia”, also mentioned the Vahagn Vishapakagh.
Manuk Abeghyan writes. “Brave Vahagn” was one of the favorite gods of the ancient Armenians… Armenian kings asked him for courage…

The image of Vahagn in Armenian mythology symbolizes strength, courage, and the victory of good over evil.

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