The Vanishing Armenian Heritage In Van

In the Hayots Dzor (Gürpınar) district of the city of Van, the Armenian monastic complex Hogyats or Hogvots (Ter Mariam) is almost wiped off the face of the earth.

According to a legend, the graves of Armenian King Trdat and his wife are located on the territory of the monastery complex. In the 4th century, leprosy was treated here as well. According to another legend, the Virgin Hripsime lived in this monastery at a time when the building served as a nunnery.

The monastery is located in an area that has often been the scene of wars. The historical building has regularly suffered from those wars, and today, only a few dilapidated walls of the former complex remain.

However, it is known that even today, this sacred piece of land continues to interest believers. For example, childless residents of the surrounding villages go to the monastery of Ter Mariam and make donations. Those who then give birth to children call the boys Isa and girls Mariam.


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