The World Atlas of Theodore Duvotenay with Ancient Armenia

The World Atlas of Theodore Duvotenay

Greater and Lesser Armenian regions are visible on the world atlas of Theodore Duvotenay drawn in Paris in 1838. The borders of Armenia extend from the Caspian Sea to the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Lesser Armenia also includes Gamirk (Cappadocia) and Cilicia.

These regions, as part of Armenia, are mentioned in the “History of Armenia” of Movses Khorenatsi and “History of Armenia” of Pavstos Byuzand. The latter in particular refers to the words of King Pap who demanded from the Eastern Roman Empire the 12 cities of Urkh (Urfa) which had been built by the Armenians of Gamirk.

Gevork Nazaryan

1838 Duvotenay map ANCIENT ARMENIA

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