Anna Kolozyan and the “One-Time Paradise”

Anna Kolozyan and the “One-Time Paradise”

If something worthwhile is created in Armenia regardless of the field, then it somehow catches the eye in some kind of television program, exhibition, or just in a booklet. Unfortunately, what is created away from Home is often not covered and as a result stays unreachable.

I stumbled upon the works of Anna Kolozyan by chance. In my opinion, she is a unique artist, and her works are worthy of more detailed coverage. Below are a couple of her cool cartoons. Unfortunately, I did not find more.

Anna Kolozyan was born in Yerevan. She graduated from the Terlemezyan Art College, then from the Faculty of Graphic Design at the Art Institute. She arrived in Moscow in the summer of 1997 and found an apartment and a job almost simultaneously.

Many newly-minted firms need good designers who can make commercials, decorate office interiors, or make booklets and posters. But if she was just a good advertising artist who had withstood fierce competition and managed to stay afloat, I would not distract the attention of the reader who knows how to earn money and stay afloat no worse than her.

Her uniqueness is different. Anna Kolozyan creates short and very unusual cartoons which have been displayed at many animated film festivals. She herself has been often invited to these festivals, and we talked with her just after she returned from Riga where the BIMINI international cartoon festival had been recently held.

Short films “One-Time Paradise

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