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Dilijan - Armenian Switzerland RebornIn a 90 km drive northeast of the lively capital of Armenia Yerevan, the highway narrows, turning into mountain roads. You drive into the Tavush Province famous for its resort town of Dilijan.

An unusually hot and humid summer makes vacationers flock to the “Armenian Switzerland” not only from all over the country but also from Georgia, Russia, Iran, as well as from various parts of Europe. About this in his article in “The Huffington Post” writes strategist for public relations, marketing, and social media Jackie Abrahamian.

“Although Dilijan today is neglected and worn out, the recently-opened bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, boutique hotels, and even large hotel chains such as Best Western adorn the landscape in anticipation that, as many hope, the city’s internationalization will boom, promising to bring much needed vitality to Dilijan.

Among those who came to the resort town were entrepreneurs and patrons of art with ambitious plans for economic revival with the goal of turning Dilijan into an educational, cultural, entertainment, and financial center for the entire region,” writes Abrahamian.

According to the author of the article, the traces of the emerging boom are already visible in the brilliant glass and white concrete building of the educational research center of the Central Bank of Armenia on the hilltop overlooking the city.

In her opinion, more importantly, massive plans for cultural and economic transformations are already being carried out, led by the Initiatives for the Development of Armenia and the Dilijan Development Foundation established by philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend.

“Thanks to the foresight, vision, and deep conviction of such persons, organizations, and benefactors, it is possible that today’s Dilijan will return its reputation and exceed expectations. This is definitely worth the wait!” the strategist said.

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