Illustrations of Armenian Legends – Zabelle Boyajian, 1916

 Illustrations of Armenian LegendsBelow, we present you with the illustrations of several Armenian legends by artist Zabelle Boyajian to admire. The legends are:

  1. Foundation of Van,
  2. Royal wedding,
  3. Ara and Semiramis,
  4. Artashes and Satenik,
  5. The letter of Christ to Abgar,
  6. The legend about Akhtamar,
  7. Lady and minstrel,
  8. Mother Armenia,
  9. Anush Fortress,
  10. The vision of Rosifel, the Princess of Armenia.

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Foundation of Van
Royal wedding
Ara and Semiramis
Artashes and Satenik
The letter of Christ to Abgar
The legend about Akhtamar
Lady and minstrel
Mother Armenia
Anush Fortress
The vision of Rosifel, the Princess of Armenia

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