Komitas’ Letter to the Editor of “Tachar” Magazine – Ancient Armenian Musical Notations

Komitas’ Letter to the Editor of “Tachar” MagazineWe present Armenian composer Komitas’s letter to the editor-in-chief of “Tachar” (Armenian: temple) magazine Garegin Khachatrian (1910, Echmiadzin). In it, Komitas wrote about his study of Armenian khazes (ancient Armenian music-notes).

“Dear editor!

Indeed, I have found the key to the Armenian khazes. I can even read simple letters, but I have not yet reached the end because in order to penetrate the mysterious world of the khazes, months and even years are necessary for a dozen manuscripts. At the moment, I have 198 of the most renowned khazes. We should leave out unnamed khazes, of which there is a great variety.

It is impossible to write on such narrowly specialized topics on the pages of periodicals for the following reasons: firstly, the pages of the periodicals are small. Secondly, it is meaningless to occupy people with narrow and specific long-term studies. Thirdly, it is expensive. Finally, I have not completed the study.

Let the Armenian public forgive me and wait until I as far as possible complete my most difficult research which has been lasting for more than 16 years. I hope that in the near future, this will be made public in separate volumes…”


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