Recreation of Shroud of Turin – Ariel Agemian

Recreation of Shroud of Turin - Ariel AgemianAriel Agemian (1904 – 1963) has been an exceptionally talented Armenian artist. His recreation of the Shroud of Turin is considered to be the most precise in the scientific and research circles.

Agemian was a representative of the school of academic art as well as a skillful master of composition. He created paintings on national themes, depicting both the ancient and contemporary history of the Armenian nation. He was often inspired by decorative-allegoric paintings of the Italian Renaissance.

Agemian was a portraitist and a landscape painter. He created both religious and secular frescos. At the age of 5, he witnessed mass killings of Armenians and the death of his father. He was then separated from his mother and brother and was accepted into the order of Mekhitarists in Rome. He has been educated by them until turning 18.

Over his creative career, Agemian was awarded two golden medals in art from Association Artistiques in Venice and Artistes Critiques in Paris, received the rank of Maestro d’Arte, and the position of a professor of art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.

The Face of Christ by Ariel Agemian, 1935
Glory of Armenia «Hayasdani Parke» by Ariel Agemian

Portrait, by Ariel Agemian
Ascension, by Ariel Agemian,1958
The Dome at Arnoueville Armenian Church, by Ariel Agemian
I Am The Life, by Ariel Agemian

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