The sculpture of David Sasuntcy in Yerevan

The sculpture dedicated to the legendary hero of the Armenian national epic David Sasuntcy was created in 1959 by the famous Armenian sculptor Ervand Kochar and architect Mikael Mazmanyan.

This monument, installed at Yerevan Station Square, has long become one of the symbols of Armenia’s capital. The copper rider sits on a horse at a height of 12 meters. The weight of the composition is more than 3.5 tons – this is the heaviest monument in Yerevan.

It is known that the first monument to David Sasunsky was created by Ervand Kochar on the 1000th anniversary of the epic in 1939.

The monument was made of plaster. In June 1941, the sculptor was arrested — Ervand casually portrayed David with a naked sword facing Turkey. The monument has been destroyed … Fortunately, Kochar did not spend longer behind bars – only 2 years.

The second statue, created by Ervand Kochar, was installed near the station only in December 1959.

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