World-Renowned Armenian Artists – Part 3

World-Renowned Armenian Artists – Part 3Panos Terlemezyan (Փանոս Թերլեմեզյան, 1865-1941) was one of the most renowned artists of the 20th century. Terlemezyan’s artistic style formed under the influence of impressionists. His pieces have been mostly made on Armenian motifs.

Today, the works of this great artist are showcased in the National Gallery of Armenia, the Tretyakov Gallery, and many other museums and galleries.

Yeghishe Tadevosyan (Եղիշե Թադեւոսյան, 1870-1936) was an Armenian artist and painter. In 1916, Tadevosyan established and headed the Artists Union of Armenia. He also was one of the founders of the academy of arts in Georgia.

The works of Tadevosyan are now exhibited in the National Gallery of Armenia, State Museum of Arts of Georgia, State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, as well as are kept in private collections.

Giotto (Ջիոտտո, born Gevorg Grigoryan, 1897-1976) was an Armenian artist, painter, and portrayer. Grigoryan was among those Armenian artists who have represented the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide in the most vivid and descriptive ways. The small room of the artist has always been filled with such paintings. At the initiative of Grigoryan’s wife, a house-museum was founded in Yerevan in 1980.

Sedrak Arakelyan (Սեդրակ Առաքելյան, 1884-1942). Arakelyan was among the founders of the national arts of Armenia. Today, the works of this outstanding artist are kept in the National Gallery of Armenia, the Tretyakov Gallery, and several others galleries.

Jean Carzou (Ժան Կարզու, born Garnik Zulumyan, 1907-2000) was a French-Armenian artist, illustrator, painter, and a representative of the so-called “Paris school”. He is considered the fourth best artist of France, and his works are showcased in many museums of modern painting.

Minas Avetisyan (Մինաս Ավետիսյան, 1928-1975) was an Armenian painter, theatrical artist, an author of over 1,000 paintings, 20 frescos, and projects for tens of theatrical plays. The pieces of Avetisyan are presented in museums of galleries of Armenia, as well as abroad. Unfortunately, most of the creations of the artist were lost in the 1988 Spitak Earthquake.

Jean Jansem (Ժան Ժանսեմ, born Hovhannes Semerdjian, 1920-2013) was a French artist, illustrator, and a laureate of many artists’ awards. The first pieces of Jansem such as “Armenian wedding” and “Funeral” have been dedicated to Armenian motifs.

The first exhibition dedicated to the works of Jansem was held in 1944. During his visit to Armenia in 2001, Jansem presented the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute with 34 paintings from his collection “Genocide”.

Haroutiun Galentz (Հարություն Կալենց, 1910-1967) was an Armenian painter and one of the founders of the Artists Union of Lebanon. Having moved to Armenia, Galentz was quickly recognized for his unique masterpieces. Today, his house-museum stands in Yerevan on the street of his name.

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