Reconstruction of History Through Genetics

Reconstruction of History Through GeneticsThe process of reconstruction of history through genetics is gaining momentum. Recently, the Armenian Highlands has brought many surprises, which makes scientists and leading experts believe that the history of mankind needs to be corrected up to the rewriting.

Newest archaeological discoveries throughout the Armenian Highlands made by scientists from different countries greatly contribute to the process of historical reconstruction through genetics.

In Armenia, experts from Italy, Poland, and Japan are constantly operating, and this is not the complete list of participants. The tremendous work has already brought praiseworthy results, allowing us to uncover many falsifications concerning the history of ancient Armenia.

One of the specialists in the field of genetics is Dr. Armen Martirosyan. Being a physician, Armen Martirosyan has widely applied his knowledge in various fields of medicine.

He works as an ultrasound specialist at the National Cancer Institute in the United States, introducing methods for studying the vessels and vascular system of the abdominal cavity with the aim of identifying the disease at an early stage.

He is also a field consultant in anthropology, operating at archaeological sites throughout Armenia, and also participates in analyses of population genetics.

The last two works of the scientist presuppose the collection of ancient DNA from historical and prehistorical monuments in modern Armenia and Artsakh, as well as the creation of a genetic profile of modern Armenians.

Armen Martirosyan presents his work in the video below.

«Reconstructing history via population genetics». | Armen Martirosian | TEDxYerevan

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