Even in the time of Islamic Caliphate Azerbaijan did not exist

When Armenia fell under Arab Islamic rule, Arab geographers divided Armenia into four regions, called “first Armenia – second Armenia – third Armenia – fourth Armenia” a division far similar to that of the Roman division of their late-era: first Armenia as Her name the Arabs is what we know today as “Azerbaijan”.

“First Armenia” was described as follows:

It is the countries of Ran, Aran, Caucasian Albania, or Aghafan, located north of the Arax River, before it meets with the River Kora and its base in the Kazuin Sea, which is in the northeast of the Armenia group, and overlooks this sea and its settlement “Partif”, from its cities of Jarvan, Worthan, Washosh and Kanja.

(First Armenia) stretched east to include the Sherwan region and its cities Baku, then the Darband region is northern and its cane is Darband port or Bab Al-Babab and its location is south. First Armenia eastward has been the Third Armenia, which is currently roughly known as “Azerbaijan”.

The text of the book “Armenians through history” by the Syrian historian Marwan Almadour.
Maps for different traceability of the Islamic Caliphate

Armenians And Armenia

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