Historians’ Remarks on Armenia’s Role in the Development of Civilization

Historians’ Remarks on Armenia’s Role1. “No doubt, Armenians are physically more similar to the ancient inhabitants of Asia Minor depicted in Hittite and Urartian sculptural friezes than Scythians or other Indo-European nomads of Southern Russia” (David Marshall Lang, “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization”, 1970).

2. “The Armenoids are similar to the Sumerians, the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia” (V. A. Ketkovich, “Notes on the Visit to Iraq”, 2002).

3. “Armenians once owned Babylon. However, it does not belong to them anymore” (Johannes Schiltberger, “Reisen des Johannes Schiltberger aus München in Europa, Asia und Afrika von 1394 bis 1427” (“Johannes Schiltberger’s journey from Munich to Europe, Asia, and Africa from 1394 to 1427”), 1475).

4. “It was ancient Armenia (Aratta) that played an important role in the development of old civilizations. This fact was closely connected with the subsequent appearance of the Sumerian legend of Eden, which ancient Armenia-Aratta was associated with.

It is not surprising that the Sumerian paradise was in the kingdom of Aratta (“The Land of Living”, where the gods came from), which was rich in gold, silver, lazurite, and building stone” (David Michael Rohl, “Legend: The Genesis of Civilization”, 1998).

5. “Undoubted cultural ties between the Sumerian civilization of Mesopotamia and the civilization of the kingdom of Aratta are complemented by very similar political structures of both societies.

Thus, it turns out that most of the population of Sumer came from the geographical region we call Greater Armenia, the very place the kingdom of Aratta and the biblical land of Eden were located in.

This coincides with the testimony of the Book of Genesis, which states that the path of the ancestors of Jew patriarchs, who left Eden, led to the land of Shinar in the ancient Sumer” (David Michael Rohl, “Legend: The Genesis of Civilization”, 1998).

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