Large-Scale Looting By Turkish Soldiers In Yerevan – 1918

In 1918, about a month after the signing of the Mudros Armistice, American officer James Erol stationed in Eastern Armenia reported that from December 2 to 5, 1918, he had witnessed widespread looting committed by Turkish soldiers in Yerevan, Alexandropol, and other Armenian cities and settlements.

The Turks took from the Armenians 7 million pounds of wheat, 200 thousand pounds of cotton, as well as large amounts of other food products and various items.

Turkish officers admitted that this way, they had delivered the “last blow” to the Armenians. The Turks loaded food and other goods into trains to transport the loot from Kars to Turkey.

Erol also wrote that he had witnessed dozens of Armenian women and children being tortured to death by Turkish soldiers near Karakilisa.

Gevork Nazaryan

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  1. I tried to find James Erol on the internet to make sure about his credibility. Couldn’t find. It is necessary that you make good research and make a good introduction about him that your article become worthy or trustworthy.

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