Saint Blaise: The Guardian of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the glittering jewel of the Adriatic, has long been under the watchful gaze of an Armenian saint, revered not just for his spiritual might but also for his legendary role in saving the city. Saint Blaise, born in the 4th century in Sivas, Armenia, met a martyr’s death through stoning and decapitation. Yet, it is his miraculous intervention in the Middle Ages that has etched his name into the very stones of Dubrovnik.

Legend tells us that Saint Blaise, known to Italians as San Biagio and to Spaniards as San Blas, appeared to a priest in Dubrovnik with a dire warning: Venetian forces were conspiring to invade. Thanks to this heavenly foresight, the people of Dubrovnik mounted a defense that caught the would-be invaders off guard, safeguarding their beloved city.

The veneration of Saint Blaise stretches far beyond the marble-clad streets of Dubrovnik. His legacy is a tapestry of devotion woven throughout Europe, with churches in France, Germany, and Britain standing as monuments to the Armenian saint’s widespread influence.

In Dubrovnik, Saint Blaise is more than a historical figure; he is a symbol of resilience and the eternal protector of the city. Each year, his feast day is a jubilant affirmation of the city’s cultural heritage and unbreakable spirit. The patron saint of Dubrovnik is not only a beacon of the past but a continued source of inspiration, guiding the city through the ebb and flow of history with the promise of protection and prosperity.


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