Simon Vratsian on the Uprising of February 18, 1921

Simon Vratsian on the UprisingAs a result of a powerful popular uprising on February 18, 1921, the rebels occupied Yerevan and declared the restoration of the independence of the Armenian republic. A governmental body titled Committee for the Salvation of the Fatherland was created. It would be headed by Simon Vratsian.

“Yerevan is already decorated with only the Armenian tricolor flag. The minute when the wave of popular anger destroyed the gates of the Cheka along with the bloody Bolshevik prison and when thousands of prisoners went to the streets lavishly decorated with Armenian flags was exciting and touching.

Alas, Hamazasp (Համազասպ), Banvor Sergo (Բանվոր Սերգո), hero-colonel Khorganian (Ղորղանյանը), and many others who fell under the blows of the Bolshevik executioners were not among those who escaped the prison.

The performances continued, and we entered the government building. As soon as we entered, representatives of foreign countries, as well as delegations from political parties and public organizations one by one approached us with congratulations.

In particular, the representative of Ankara Behaeddin, who was in a hurry to be the first to bring congratulations, approached us and was very upset to learn that the Americans and the Persian representative congratulated us before him.”

Ruben Shukhyan

Government building of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan

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