The Decision of the Bolsheviks and the Turks on the Offensive on the Republic of Armenia

The Decision of the Bolsheviks

From September 1 to 8 in 1920, the First Congress of the Peoples of the East was held in Baku. One of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide, Enver Pasha, took part in the congress.

If we do not give a political assessment of the activities of the Bolsheviks and further non-Bolsheviks, we can never get rid of their discrediting decisions.

So, we present excerpts from the historic decision adopted at the congress, as well as the circular of the members of the Central Committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Committee (Revkom) later addressed to the Communist Bolsheviks of Armenia.

From the decision of the Congress of the Oppressed Peoples of the East from 17/09/1920

  1. Urgently and at all costs encourage the fading national movement in Turkey.
  2. Stop the formation of the British, Shah, Armenian, and Georgian troops.

Both the first and the second points can be successfully implemented, provided that the Turkish national troops attack the Republic of Armenia with the allies in order to overthrow the Dashnak yoke that oppresses its people and to append it to Turkey.

To save the revolution in the East, an immediate attack of the Soviet troops on Armenia and the establishment of the Soviet system in it is necessary.

Circular from the Revkom of Armenian Bolsheviks established in Baku to the Communists of Armenia

Top secret (read the note in a limited audience, burn after reading).

Kemalist Turkey is an ally of Soviet Russia and is fighting for its national freedom against worldwide imperialism.

The victory of Armenia over Turkey will mean the strengthening of imperialism in the Middle East and endangerment of the victory of the revolution in Transcaucasia along with the Sovietization of the East.

The task of the Armenian Bolshevik Communists should be to speed up the defeat of the Republic of Armenia and thereby speed up its Sovietization.

For this, it is necessary to decompose the Armenian fighting army.

Organize desertion.

Convince Armenian soldiers not to shoot at approaching Turkish soldiers.

Do not obey the orders of officers and, if necessary, eliminate them.

Members of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of Armenia Sargis Kasian, Askanaz Mravian, Avis Nurijanyan, Shavarsh Amirkhanian, Isahak Dovlatyan, Ashot Hovhannisyan. Baku, September 20, 1920.

Yura Torosyan

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