The Participation of the Armenian Diaspora in World War II

Marshal Zhukov speaking about Armenians mentioned: “Armenians, starting from soldiers to marshals, immortalized their names by the brave warriors of unfading glory in the victory over fascism.

The Armenians actively participated in Nazi Germany’s defeat not only in the USSR but also in Diaspora. About 600,000 Armenians were recruited to the Soviet Army, and about half were killed in the war.”

About 1.5 million Diaspora Armenians participated in World War II in Allied Armies. Only 20,000 Armenians were fighting with the US troops.

The Armenian Diaspora has participated in the war with armed struggle, monetary donations, and ideological struggle. Due to Diaspora’s collected fund tank columns “David of Sasun” and “General Baghramyan” were formed. They were also sending medical supplies and clothing to Armenia.

In France, Armenians were also actively engaged in the French people’s struggle against fascism. Misak Manushyan’s guerrilla detachment, which was acting in France was even more popular than the Armenian Diaspora’s partisan groups.

Some Armenians were forced to participate in military operations also from the Fascist side. In the German army, there were legions formed of War prisoners of various nationalities. Nzhdeh and Dro initiated the creation of the Armenian Legion.

That was a desperate attempt to gain Germany’s goodwill in case of the defeat of the Soviet Union and to prevent the Armenian massacres by Turkey. Turkey has been negotiating secretly with Germany and 26 divisions were concentrated near the Transcaucasian border, ready to attack the Soviet Union.


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