Why Hasn’t Turkey Been Held Responsible For The Genocide?

There is more than enough evidence of the organized manner of the extermination of Armenians – the Armenian Genocide – by the Ottoman government. The only “mistake” or “fault” of the Armenians subjected to the Genocide was and still is their (our) ethnicity and geographic attachment to the historical Fatherland – the Armenian Highlands – as an autochthonous people.

However, to date, Turkey, which continues to deny the Genocide and therefore justifies the actions of the past, essentially continuing the work begun hundreds of years ago, hasn’t been held responsible. The reason for this is not that the world is unfair but that Armenia does not put forward any demands on Turkey at the state level as a defendant.

Why is this happening?

Armenia is, in fact, colonized by Russia, a country that has agreements with Turkey at the expense of Armenia, including those connected with the illegally seized (stolen) historical territories that were given to Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

This is the main reason why Armenia does not put forward any official requirements neither to Turkey, nor to Russia, nor to other mentioned countries.

The Russian political establishment is firmly convinced that the mere fact of the Genocide’s recognition and apologies from Turkey would be sufficient for peace. As for the issue of historical lands and compensation, Russia guarantees not to raise it thanks to its puppets in the Armenian government. And the guarantor of all these conditions is the number 102 military base in Gyumri.

This is how Russia thinks and plans, achieving its goal using all leverage and support from the puppet regimes established in Armenia.

We Armenians do not believe in this, do not accept this, and continue to fight for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the world, for compensation, and for the return of illegally seized historical lands. And within the scope of this struggle, we share everything that somehow historically recalls the crime committed by the governments of many countries – the main witnesses and holders of the main evidence of the Armenian Genocide committed in Ottoman Turkey in 1915.

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