2 Million Years Old Monument In Armenia

2 Million Years Old Monument In ArmeniaA monument of ancient culture has been discovered during an expedition of youth movement “Trans-Baikal Geoarchaeology” of Russian Geographical Society.

Near town of Stepanavan, Lori province, Armenia, archaeologists have discovered a structure of approximately 2 million years of age.

The find has been named Yagdan (Russian: Ягдан). It resembles archaic tools and weapons such as pikes and choppers.

Since August 2016, archaeologists from Trans-Baikal Andrey Blinov, Dmitry Astafyev, Yegor Filatov, and Ivan Usenkov have been conducting expeditions in Armenia.

Their goal has been to aid Armenian archaeologists in preparation of monuments of Stone Age to international conference of “International union for quaternary research” (INQUA).

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