Armenian Artifact-Cheese

Armenian Artifact-CheeseDuring excavations in Khoshab (Ervanduniq or Hayotc Dzor) fortress near Van, four pitchers with a sort of Armenian cheese zhazhik were found.

As the Turkish edition Orghaber reports, the results of a study revealed that the discovered cheese is about 250 years old. The edition also notes that the find is a kind of Armenian cheese, which is known as “Van zhazhik”.

Whether the found cheese is suitable for eating or not, scientists were unable to determine.

The fortress of Khoshab was built in 1643. Around one year ago, excavations have been conducted there by the scientists of the Faculty of History of the University of Van.

Photo: Գինու փառատոն Արենի գյուղում. Areni Wine Fest.

The LAND of ARMENIAN KINGS – fortress of Khoshab

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