The Result Of Indifference To The Past

The film “Eternal Call” was released in 1973. It was based on the novel of the same name by Anatoly Ivanov. I will give one passage from the book that was not included in the film (words of former tsarist officer Lakhnovsky):

“…The main goal is to foster indifference to the past… And when there are a lot of people who don’t care about it, things will be done quickly… Gradually, step by step, we will erase the historical memory of all people. And with a nation deprived of such a memory, you can do anything. A nation that has ceased to be proud of its past, has forgotten the past, will not understand the present either. It will become indifferent to everything, will become dumb, and, in the end, will turn into a herd of cattle. Which is what we need!”

Some may argue that the book and the film are about Russia, but shift this statement to, for example, Armenia or Ukraine and think about these words…

P.S. This photo titled “Ancestor of Armenians Hayk” is from the page of Vahan Gharibyan. Look into his eyes – the artist has conveyed a lot in this look.

Alexander Bakulin

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