legend of Lake Sev Lich – Armenia

Dragons were very popular heroes in Armenian legends, and the participation of these characters in lake legends is no exception.

A long time ago, a forty-headed dragon lived near Lake Sev Lich, who once to drink half of the water from the lake. Then he lay down to rest in order to drink the other half after sleep.

By God’s command, the mountains took the lake and lifted it to heaven, thus freeing it from the dragon. The dragon could no longer reach the lake to drink the water to the end. After a while, the dragon died of thirst.

So Sev Lich was saved from the dragon.

P.S This is an ancient Armenian legend about Sev Lich. Now let the Azerbaijanis tell their story of the lake, which does not belong to them.

Source: www.armgeo.am Translate: Art_a_Tsolum

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