Mher Dzhulachyan – Heroes of Armenia

Mher Dzhulachyan – Heroes of Armenia

Mher Dzhulachyan was born on November 28, 1967, in the capital of Lebanon, the city of Beirut. Mher since childhood has been brought up with a patriotic spirit. At school, Mher was the most talented student, especially in linguistics.

By the age of 16, this ordinary Armenian boy was fluent in 4 languages. His passion to learn the Turkish language as best as possible was striking. Mher believed that the enemy can best be studied through his language.

After school, Mher enrolled at the Faculty of Historiography at the University of Beirut in 1984. Over the years, Mher has had no equals in linguistics. It should be noted that before enrolling at the university, in 1982, Mher joined the ranks of the “Dashnaktsutyun” party.

In 1989, Mher graduated and received a diploma. It seemed that here he was, the bright future of modern science – a historian proficient in 4 languages. But the call of the homeland left him no chance.

Having left Lebanon in the summer of 1992, Mher arrived in Artsakh. He immediately devoted himself to protecting his homeland and to the struggle for the freedom of Artsakh. In September 1992, Mher formed a small volunteer detachment (the detachment consisted of no more than 20 soldiers) which was called “Dashnaktsutyun.”

On September 15, a council was held where 20 Armenian men, including Mher Dzhulachyan, Levon Hambardzumyan, Ruben Avakyan, and others took an oath of allegiance to their people and the cause of the liberation of Armenia. Mher became the general commander of the detachment.

Subsequently, the detachment under the command of Mher performed highly complex strategic tasks. Often, his detachment descended into the deep rear of the enemy, placed mines, and always returned safely to its positions. Devotion to the fatherland and the strictest discipline have been fruitful.

On August 23, 1993, in the village of Marzili, Martuni district, the life of brave Mher was cut short. Mher’s fighting comrades and friends — Meruzhan Movsisyan, Ruben Avakyan, Levon Hambardzumyan, and Hrachik Petrosyan — met the death of a martyr along with him.

Mher Dzhulachyan was buried in the Yerablur Pantheon in Yerevan where the great sons of the Armenian people rest.

If there was a constellation of heroes of the Artsakh War, undoubtedly, one of the brightest stars would be Mher the Brave. His brothers in arms remembered him as a wise and clever tactician. At the same time, he was very cheerful and bright.

Homeland appreciates the deeds and heroism of its son. By the decree of the President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Mher Dzhulachyan was awarded the republic’s “Battle Cross” order of the 1st degree in 2003. His life and activity have been covered in various films, reports, and songs.

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