Our Immortals. Nerses Zakaryan – Victim Of The Armenian Genocide

Nerses Zakaryan was born in 1883 In İzmit (Nicomedia-Akunk). He studied at the local national school and successfully graduated from the public high school. He also studied at the public vocational schools of the Augustinians, acquiring deep expertise.

From an early age, Zakaryan has taught and worked as a tutor at the İzmit National School. He would also teach at the state high school and in the Mkhitarist schools. Zakaryan also worked as an inspector in schools in the village of Mets-Nor, Getikpasha. He continued to work at this school until his arrest on April 11, 1915. At that time, he was a teacher of Turkish in a girls’ school.

Zakaryan spoke Armenian, French, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, and studied bibliography. He published the first and second volumes of Ottoman grammar, the first volume of a Turkish reading book, and prepared a manuscript for the second volume of “Chojuk Hazinesi”, an Ottoman grammar course that he intended to publish but was not able to.

Some of these works entered the literary arena but did not work for long – only while he was a licensee and executive director of the periodicals “APAGA” and “NOR ASHKHARH”.

Zakaryan worked for the Hunchakyan party for many years and was a member of the political assembly of the central government. He was the successor of Getikpasha as well.

Compiled by Elina Mirzoyan, genocide-museum.am

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