Myths of Iran and Armenia Are Similar

Myths of Iran and Armenia Are Similar

The book of Maria Evazyan (Terezyan) published in 2013 in Iran tells about the similarity of the beliefs and myths of Iran and Armenia. The book assesses the common sides in the mythological literature of Iran and Armenia.

According to the Iranian agency IBNA, the book presents a comparative analysis of myths in Iranian and Armenian sources, and the attention of readers is drawn to common features in the mythical beliefs of the two countries. The book co-authored with Anushik Maleki Bakhshmandi examines the historical background of the two countries and their cultural similarities.

The geography and history of Armenia, totemism, animism, mythology, carnivals, and Armenian monarchies are just some of the topics covered in the 282-page book.

According to the author of the book, evolution in Iran and Armenia went the same way in many directions, especially in mythology.

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