The Architectural Look of Baku – Armenian Buildings in the Azerbaijani Capital

The Architectural Look of Baku - Armenian BuildingsThe architectural look of Baku has been largely formed with the active and effective participation of Armenian architects and builders. In the construction of Baku, particularly noteworthy were the contributions of architects G. Ter-Mikaelian, V. Sargsyan (Sarkisov), N. Bayev, G. Ter-Hovhannisyan (Kajaznuni), Anna Oltetsian, F. Agalian, A. Kandinyan, M. Ter-Grigoryants, and many others.

Armenian architects, somewhat altering the new design choices arriving from Russia, created original architectural and construction samples in Baku. One of the founders of Baku’s architectural style was Gabriel Ter-Mikaelyan, the author of focal buildings of the city built in the early 20th century. G. Ter-Mikaelyan designed the frontal part of the city hall as well.

In 1910-1912, in accordance with his projects were built the building of the Public Club (now the building of the Azerbaijani Philharmonic Society), the maternity hospital (1899), the building of the Baku branch of the Commercial Bank of Tiflis (1902-1903), and the Trading School (1905−1910).

An important area of activity of G. Ter-Mikaelian was also church construction.

  1. Bayev has also made a great contribution to the architecture and urban planning of Baku in the early 20th century. In 1911-1918, he was the chief architect of Baku.

In 1913, he designed the Mailyanov Theater (now the building of opera and ballet), a hospital complex (19 infirmaries in 24 buildings), several schools, a gymnasium, residential houses of Salimanov, Sheremetyeva, and others, a railway station in Sapunchi (1927), the Semashko Surgical Hospital, the Armenikend district named in his honor, and many others.

Other Armenian architects had also contributed to Baku’s architecture, albeit to a lesser extent. Architect V. Sargsyan designed more than 10 buildings in Baku. According to F. Agalian’s projects, a gymnasium, a maternity hospital, a treasury, and the Working House were built.

Numerous buildings were also designed by G. Kajaznuni, M. Ter-Grigoryants, and many others. The buildings designed by those Armenian architects still adorn Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

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