The Traces Of The Armenian Surb Minas Church In Tbilisi Are Being Destroyed

The Facebook page of the “Hayartun” Cultural-Educational and Youth Center has recently shared the statement of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church:

“Surb Minas Church in the center of Tbilisi left without a roof, with ruined walls, and turned into a landfill is living its last days.

Traces of the ancient Armenian church are being destroyed. The church whose roof collapsed back in 2014 continues to remind others that it used to be the House of God.

Recently, the threat of the demolition of the church became more apparent.

On December 20, 2019, at around 15:00, firefighters saved the church from complete destruction. On the verge of destruction, this church is now awaiting its death. This process is facilitated by the residents of the area who are building fences around it, turning the church into auxiliary buildings and warehouses, and leaving its territory at the mercy of homeless people.

The Yerevantsots Surb Minas Church is located near the Nor Etchmiadzin Church in Havlabar quarter, Tbilisi. According to surviving records, it was built in 1790. Initially, it had been a small church but was expanded in 1870. In 1883, the new Yerevantsots Surb Minas temple was already standing on the site of the old church.

In the Soviet years, the church lost its dome and was used as a workshop. After the collapse of the USSR, Yerevantsots Surb Minas was ranked among the ‘controversial’ churches in the area.”

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