Armenian Medallion of the Period of the Van Kingdom – 8th-7th centuries BC

Armenian Medallion of the Period of the Van KingdomThis silver medallion partially covered with gold depicts a deity sitting on a throne supported by lions. In front of the deity is a man whose hands are stretched out in prayer or as a sign of respect.

The deity with a horned headdress on the throne, animals, the figure of a praying man – all those are common motifs that have been widespread throughout the ancient Middle East.

Below the figures of the man and the deity is a zigzag decoration framed by two parallel lines, which is a characteristic feature of Van (Urartian) and Assyrian medallions.

Such medallions made of silver, gold, and bronze were considered as distinctive signs of rank and authority. They have been found in both Eastern and Western Armenia (now occupied by Turkey), the territory of ancient historical Armenia.

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