Information about the giant Haic or Hayk was written by Charles Vallancey in the 18th century

I believe that Gelam (Gegham) left his kingdom to Herman (German), who was the ancestor of the first Germanic, Bavarian, Swabian and Teutonic peoples. It is not just in Irish history that you find ancient stories of bearded white giants or demi-Gods who traveled by sea and reached far and distant continents of the world.

There are many old legends of them building advanced civilizations and stone cities across the world. These epics are also passed down from generation to generation by the Native Americans, Incas, Mayans, and Polynesians.

I believe the Aztec legends of the Quinametzin (giants) are also about the same bearded-winged demi-Gods from Sumer (Armenia). Coincidentally, the word “Metz” means ‘large’ or ‘massive’ in Armenian.

In this post, you will also find images of Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, and Japanese stone reliefs depicting these giants holding smaller size humans in the palm of their hands. According to tradition, the giants (descendants of the fallen angels) produced offspring with the ‘Watchers’ (God’s angels who were trapped in this world) and created smaller-sized humans (all of us).

I believe the Sumerian or so-called “Assyrian” or “Zoroastrian” depictions of two giants standing across from one another with a small winged human in a circle or ring symbolize this creation of the smaller human.

Smaller humans were born with amnesia, but according to the legends and ancient tradition, some giants protected humans before the war began. The giants taught them farming and how to become masters of metallurgy.

They taught them how to engineer temples. Learn mathematics, alchemy, and important rituals. In ancient Armenian-Christian Theology, the leaders of these chosen humans were Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and their descendants.

Of course, every ancient civilization had its version of this truth, using names and titles they created in their native tongue or language but speaking of the same Biblical figures.

Unfortunately, most people have not realized yet that the majority of the world’s ancient civilizations are built with stones that are the size of refrigerators or small cars.

Stones lifted high in the air and hundreds carried across mountains which would be impossible for any human our size to accomplish without modern machinery.

Perfectly symmetrical massive temples with laser-like technology taken by the Roman and Byzantine empires during the 14th century, and most of what is left are what they invented during the Renaissance period after carving their version, titles, names, and stories on the stones centuries after the temples were built.

A lot of Europe and American journalism, research, and conclusions about history or religion simply do not align or match with the traces these ancient civilizations left behind.

I believe the old Native American, Mesoamerican, Japanese, and Hindu literature and legends about creation, the flood, and the giants are much more accurate than the empires.

Especially because they kept their roots and traces of Armenia in their lands while Rome and Byzantine have either buried or erased them.


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