Kayan Berd – Lori, Armenia

Kayan Berd fortress is located between the Haghpat (Հաղպատավանք) and Sanahin (Սանահին) monasteries (Lori Province), on the promontory between two canyons.

Judging by the wall inscriptions, it was built by the rector of the Haghpat monastery Bishop Hovhannes in 1233.t was called the fortress “Haghpat Surb Nshan” (the names Kayan berd and Dsevank have been given to it later).

It was destroyed by Tatars in 1241. Inside, there are the preserved ruins of numerous buildings, basins, clay pipes for water supply. In the fortress, there is Dsevan church Surb Astvatsatsin.

Крепость Каян : Дсеванк Kayan berd and Dsevank in Russian

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