The ancient technology of piecing stone pieces together

The top image is from Khorum in Hatti, arguably considered to be close to or on the western border of Lesser-Armenia (Armenia Minor).

The bottom image is from Cusco in Peru. This ancient technology of piecing stone pieces together for temple walls with no space in between is found in many parts of the world.

Archaeologists have mentioned that you cannot even slide a thin piece of paper in between. How were they able to shape stones?

How did they cut granite, quartz, and some of the hardest stones into perfect symmetrical shapes? How did they lift stones the size of refrigerators and small cars hundreds of meters in the air with no modern machinery or technology?

How did they drill stones and laser precision cut perfectly cylinder Corinthian columns for temples?

I believe that once people truly study the sites and structures that have been built around the ancient world, it will help them become even greater believers. Our page —–> Ancient Giants from Ararat to Amazon may also have the answers to some of those questions.


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