The Cruciform Sepulcher with its beautiful wall patterns, Ruins of Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico

San Pablo Mitla, one of the most emblematic cities in the State is located 46 kilometers from Oaxaca City, in the region of the Central Valley, a region full of magueyes and nopales.

From its very name, one can realize about the syncretism, of its indigenous roots and the heritage of La Conquista, being San Pablo, one of Jesus’ apostles, and Mictlan, a Nahuatl word that means “Place of The Death”.

This mystical place is full of treasures inherited from its ancestors, the mixtecos and Zapotecs. The Zapotecs built a beautiful city, Mitla that even today will make you feel that divine presence walking through the road of The Death, around these incredible Prehispanic temples.

Merrick Lucas Nephilim giants and forbidden history

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