The Fortress of Meghri – Syunik, Armenia

The Fortress of Meghri – Syunik, Armenia

The Armenian town of Meghri is known for its old-fashioned hotels, vodka, as well as its wonderful fruits and vegetables, especially Meghri figs and yellow pomegranates.

Atop the rocky Mount Meghri in the vicinity of the town are the ruins of the 10th-century fortress of Meghri. The fortress of Meghri was first mentioned in 1083. It was reconstructed in the 18th century by the order of Armenian warrior and commander David Bek.

Due to its architectural composition, the fortress of Meghri is a unique example of the Armenian fortification technique. The fortress had no walls and instead relied on the protection of the mountain slopes.

The southern part of the town was also protected by the Meghri River and tower-like houses on the banks of the river, which had the role of unique barriers. In addition, it was the only fortress in Armenia whose towers were specifically built to carry cannons.

The towers atop the mountain range were built of granite. Four of them are round and the other two are rectangular. Oak beams were used throughout the two-story towers to protect the fortress from earthquakes. Around the fortress are visible the firing positions of the towers.

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