The Petroglyphs of Armenia (Video)

The Petroglyphs of Armenia (Video)Today, the territories of Armenia and Asia Minor are theorized to have been the homeland of the oldest astronomical knowledge.

Outstanding historians of astronomy came to the conclusion that people who divided the sky into constellations lived between 36° and 42° north latitude.

According to English astronomer Olcott, people who invented the ancient figures of the constellations lived, presumably, in the area near Mount Ararat and also in the valley of the Euphrates River.

The assumption is based on petroglyphs discovered on the territory of Armenia. About 30,000 rock paintings were found on the Gegham mountains in 1966. Later, even more petroglyphs have been discovered on the Vardenis ridge and on the slopes of Mount Aragats.

In 1967, three more ancient objects were found in the Vardenis mountains. Researchers, including the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences B. Tumanyan, concluded that those stones are the witnesses of the astronomical thought of our distant ancestors.

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