Video Compilation of Ancient Armenian Coins

Video Compilation of Ancient Armenian CoinsIn modern Armenia, coins play as much role as maps. Both are an undisputable proof of the ancient heritage of Armenia, in spite of various falsifications.

At the same time, maps, coins, and other artifacts demonstrate that Armenians themselves know very little of their history. If you are an Armenian, just watch the below film and then tell how many Armenian kings, dynasties, as well as noteworthy events during their reign you are aware of.

I tried, and it turns out that I do not know half of the Armenian kings presented in the film, not to mention their policy and achievements.

It takes great effort to create such materials. Usually, it is done by independent teams, one of which is PeopleOfAr. It has some interesting materials and a good video collection. I find many interesting things in their videos and watch them with pleasure.

Coins of Armenian Royalty

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