Armenian National Costumes

Armenian National Costumes

You can publish an infinite number of paintings, thumbnails, and photos featuring Armenian national costumes. However, rather than to show the variety of Armenian costumes, the main idea of this material is to let readers know about the erroneous identification of the Armenian national costume as a kind of traditional Caucasian costume.

There is nothing common in them. It is enough to note that among other things in the Armenian national costume, there is no culture of carrying weapons at all.

The Armenian national costume has not undergone any changes since the most ancient times. It has been created on the principle of convenience and practicality for any situation related to creation – from work in the field and in the mountains to metal forging or bakery.

It should also be noted that during wartime, the national costume of the Armenians was simply transformed into an easily recognizable military uniform. It was enough to add a few necessary accessories to the costume to prepare it for combat operations.

So, the main idea is that the Armenian national costume is not a Caucasian burka with a cartridge belt, even though Armenians at certain times borrowed this costume, probably for fashion considerations.

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