Evil People Are Dumb With Their Minds – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“Only a person free from low passions is able to think clearly. Evil are often dumb with their minds.”

“Engage less in other people’s shortcomings – otherwise, you will cease to notice your own.”

“The Armenian had his Vahagn, god of courage. He revered courage and was courageous himself. To this spiritual pathos – courage – the Armenian owes his existence full of dangers.

Courageous, in general, are the people of the spirit, and among them, the Armenians are predominant.

The courage of the pagan Armenian did not weaken in Christian Armenia. Simultaneously with the desire for exploits, it took on a new form of expression – voluntary martyrdom, which in essence is nothing but the desire to courageously immortalize oneself by conscious death. In essence, courage and martyrdom are a feat of the spirit that denies death.

The Armenian nicknamed his most beloved and saint individual Brave and thereby gave his highest rating not only to the brave but also to courage in general (This refers to Vardan Mamikonyan who was nicknamed the Brave).

“On the battlefield, be like an eagle sleeping with open eyes.”

“There are two types of fighters – the first fights, while the second is forced to fight.”

“The Armenian fights insistently and accomplishes feats mainly as a volunteer than a soldier of compulsory service.”

“It is preferable to have a Nemean lion as your enemy than a fox. Fighting against a strong enemy is easier and more honorable than against a treacherous one.”

“Armenian youth! You must kill the monster of lies that threatens the physical and moral existence of our nation.”

“Here is my last word. I would like to close my eyes during a terrible battle, on the wings of victory and under formidable cries and the roar of my army. But wherever and however I die, may my former Syunik warriors bury a handful of my ashes in the heart of Mount Khustup. Wherever and whenever I die, beloved people, believe that in moments of external danger, my restless soul will rush to the aid of my native country and invisibly lead your armies.”

Sofia, 1937

“The Armenians and their Christianity are inherently soldered into one nature. They have a single fate.”

“The church is a church through its martyrs. A church that does not have martyrs is anything but a church. The Armenian Church is a national church.”

“Nation and its scum”, Sofia, 1935

“For a nation that has lost its homeland, there is no higher and cherished goal than its return – the return of its eternal property.”

“Culture, if it is not national, is not culture – likewise, a nation, if it is not cultural, is not a nation.”

“The people whose proud ancestors once said ‘The world has collapsed, but Ani is standing’ have no right not to believe in their future.”

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