Garegin Nzhdeh About The Demon Of Feud

“Yes, there was a time when Armenia stretched from sea to sea and beyond and when good luck crowned the victorious Armenian forehead with its pink fingers. But alas, nothing lasts forever under the sun.

A nation that has skyrocketed must collapse with a roar. It is destined to gradually lose its power until one fine day, it feels dependent and then finds itself under the yoke of slavery until the neighbors begin to “share clothes” of our kind. What are the reasons for this?

Let the foreign-speaking Mr. Arlen not be worried, we have no special disagreements with him about the reasons. Yes, Armenia ended its political existence by suicide. It was defeated by the demon of feud and only secondarily by external enemies.

It destroyed itself. On this occasion, I will find angry words as well. But why in vain stir up the past? I admit that the Armenians have no moral right to absolve themselves of their terrible misfortunes and political collapse that have been ongoing for many centuries.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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