Spiritual Introduction To The Nation – Garegin Nzhdeh

Spiritual familiarization with the nation – if it happens, it means that our soul has acquired the ability to empathize with the nation.

I preach the truth because the greater the number of people in my nation who do not follow it, the more often and with more severity there will be contention between them.

I accept that everyone who puts his “I”, his egoism above all else is a criminal encroaching on the Great Whole, on our Nation.

I realize that separating from the nation, a person first dies spiritually and then only humbly reconciles himself to the death of his people.

I accept that the Nation is and will be above the individual and family, the party and society. A nation that does not accept this imperative truth is doomed, at least, to political death.

My Country and Armeniancy are above my life for me.

I am guided by the morality of the Nation that will cleanse my essence from slavery and selfishness; this means that I accept the law of the ideological and moral empire, according to which my future life should be connected to the undivided and complete, tireless service to my nation.

The worldview of an individual must serve his people and state; his happiness is justified only by serving the happiness of his nation.

Every month, every day, every minute, I try to melt with the fire of my word that icy mountain that divides the Armenian parties.

I accept that all political and theological biases must disappear where the idea of the need for social unity begins.

I also accept that each of our inner rivals is our yet unfamiliar comrade and brother that I must wake up and win over to our side. He must be spiritually disarmed but not overthrown, not destroyed.

The building of the Fatherland cannot be erected on the rock of hatred towards other nations.

I accept the law of self-sacrifice in the name of the Nation so that the sacred flame of its altar never goes out.

I believe in a Free, Independent, and United Armenia.

I bow down seven times before my Armenian People – the Hercules that has not yet realized its strength.

I believe in our future.

I anticipate and mentally greet the Country of Armenia, which was Great and Happy yesterday and will be like that again tomorrow.

Garegin Nzhdeh

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