The Armenian Language is in the Top 10 Weirdest Languages

The Armenian Language is in the Top 10A study of 239 languages included the Armenian language in the ten most bizarre languages of the world. The first place in this list is occupied by the Mixtec language spoken by 6000 people.

As “Foreign Policy” writes, scientist Tyler Schnoebelen and researchers from the company for processing linguistic information “Idibon” statistically compared 239 languages and revealed their differences. Using the World Atlas of Language Structures, “Idibon” encoded languages on 21 characteristics.

According to the results of the study, the Mixtec language spoken in the Mexican state of Oaxaca was the least similar to most other languages of the world. So it is not surprising that some of the strangest languages are among the most unknown. The second strange language is Nenets spoken in Siberia. It is followed by the Choctaw language, one of the languages of the indigenous people of Americas.

Nevertheless, some of the most bizarre languages are widespread. The eighth most bizarre language is the Kongo language spoken by half a million people in Central Africa.

It is followed by the Eastern Armenian language (9th place), and after it German. English occupies the rather high (or low, depending on the point of view) 33rd position. Also, there is no specific region for strange languages – the first 25 strange languages are scattered across all continents.

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