Equestrian statue of the King of Armenia Ashot II The Iron

Equestrian statue of the Armenian king Ashot II The Iron Bagratuni (914-928) is installed in the city of Ijevan – Armenia. Sculptor Armen Davtyan, 2017

The height of the statue is 6 meters, including the pedestal – 9 meters. The equestrian statue of Ashot II The Iron is made with the tiara of the king, with a sword in his right hand and a cross in his left.

This is a rare case of the erection of an equestrian statue of a king in Armenia. It should be noted that in Armenia there is another equestrian statue installed in Gyumri in honor of Ashot III The Merciful.

Equestrian statues of the rulers of countries symbolize the power of independent statehood. As a rule, they are located in large cities, as a sign of respect and preservation of the history of their national statehood, and not foreign.

Ruben Shukhyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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